"Beverly Hills 90210" Beach House for Sale

Beverly Hills 90210 beach house for sale
Beverly Hills 90210 beach house for sale

Would you like to own the beach house that Donna (played by Tori Spelling) shared with her on-and-off boyfriend David (Brian Austin Green) in a little show called Beverly Hills 90210?

Oh yes, you would, you "I Love the Nineties" fan. All you need is $10.5 million. For that chunk of change, you'll receive a nearly flawless beach-front property no teenager in real life could ever possess (except, perhaps, Tori Spelling herself in the 1990s).

Let's have a look at this spectacular home. For starters it has two things most beach homes do not have: an actual, fenced yard (78' feet of beach to the front and 58' on the north side), and, a decent location, beach notwithstanding.

What could possibly be flawed with this gorgeous home? Well, there is one small number that others have overlooked...