A Washing Machine Problem Solver

Perhaps you are one of the fortunate few who have a washer and dryer in your own apartment. You no longer find yourself shlepping pounds of dirty clothes down flights of stairs to the nearest laundromat several blocks away.

But even if you can include yourself in the don't-need-to-collect-quarters-for-the-wash crowd, your luck runs out the minute you turn on your machine. Those insufferable rocking, rolling, and banging sounds are essentially part of your clean clothes routine.

Enter VibeAway...This environmentally responsible solution is a great option to keep your washing machine from it's other status as a sound machine. And what is it, exactly?

VibeAway is a rubber pad, made completely from recycled tires. Placed under the four corners of your front- or top-loading washer or dryer the vibrations stop. The product can be used for any large appliance you need to keep from moving – like a freezer or a table saw. An added bonus of these eco-friendly pads is that they save you from damage to the floor underneath your appliances.

The goal of the creators of VibeAway, B Green Innovations, is to reduce the environmental impact of waste. And they are definitely part of a new wave of manufacturers doing their part to be green. According to the EPA, in 1989 only 10% of scrap tires were recycled or reused while the other hefty 90% were being thrown in landfills or discarded illegally. Today it's reported that 80.4% of used tires are being reclaimed.

But back to your washer and dryer...

VibeAway may be the answer for which you've been looking in regards to the noise-level issues you have when you're getting rid of your ring around the collar. Or maybe you simply need to rethink how you're loading your laundry. Learn your lesson from 80's classic flick Mr. Mom:

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