Your Waste Makes This Trash Bin


Potato chip and cookie wrappers are usually crunched up and tossed away in our haste to devour our snack of choice. But as waste material, those wrappers can really add up. A company known for their waste-material-turned-product, TerraCycle, has found a clever way to convert that material into new trashcans -- all from plastics that are usually not recycled.

The Trenton, New Jersey company is partnering with Frito-Lay and Sanford to start recycle collection drives with groups (aka Chip Bag Brigades) who designate a school or non-profit of their choice to receive pennies for every wrapper sent in. The goal is to engage 150,000 people nationally and divert more than five million bags from landfills. The company says it's donated nearly $2 million in the last year alone.

Albe Zakes, a company spokesman, says this technology could really make an impact on the country's landfills.