West Hollywood Insider: Designer Jena Scaccetti

Fashion designer and New Jersey native Jena Scaccetti is an up-and-coming designer who knows all the hip spots to hit in West Hollywood. She tells us why it's "gourmet sneaker stores," great restaurants and unparalleled views have sucked her in.

Name, Age, Occupation: Jena Scaccetti, 30, CEO/Designer of Milk and Honey twitter.com/_milkandhoney

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Abode: One bedroom apartment

How long have you lived in West Hollywood? Four years. I briefly moved to another neighborhood for a few months and moved back. It was a big mistake because I love West Hollywood. It's the best neighborhood in L.A. and the only place I'll live.
What do you love most about your neighborhood?

I love being close to Sunset Blvd. The views of the city from Sunset are really unparalleled. Plus, everything is super accessible. A lot of my favorite restaurants are close by like Katana and Greenblatts Deli. And of course, my friends, who all live in WeHo.

Best Kept Secret about your neighborhood?

Le Labo on 3rd Street. They have a few different perfumes for you to select and they put the ingredients together and bottle it for you while you wait. It's amazing! Marie's Nails is the best place because there are these Japanese "nailers," which is a unique process and they make designs for your nails. You can only really get it in Japan and at this place. It's really cool. Not a lot of people know about it, but the people that do go crazy for it. Also Cecconi's restaurant -- I live there.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday Night in your neighborhood?
I love to go to Izakaya on 3rd Street for sushi, followed by dancing at Voyeur. Then there's Jerry's Deli for late-night food.

You're a Jersey girl. Why WeHo?
The weather! Plus, I enjoy the perks of living in a real city that's so connected to the natural world: Palm trees and bougainvillea flowers abound in my corner of the L.A.

A lot of people equate New York City with fashion and design, but you say L.A. completely inspires your work. How so? I see the world in L.A. through this prism of colors. I see NYC as being dark and edgy; L.A. is brighter and flashier. All these kids in L.A. wear their crazy Nike's and gourmet sneakers ... all of the underground emo scene and the whole hip-hop world really inspires me, which is everywhere here in L.A.

Any other recommentadions for people in your area?
Oh my gosh, for food there is an Indian place called Holy Cow on 3rd Street, it's amazing! There's also a place with the best blueberry-ricotta pancakes called BLD. For clothes I love Japan L.A. [for Japanese pop-culture items], American Rag and [high-end lingerie shop] Kiki De Montparnasse which are on and around Melrose. There is also Bead Jewelry where you can make your own bracelets and necklaces with leather and beads, it's really fun. And if you need to get your hair done, Andy Lecompte is the best for cut and color. And I can't forget my all-time-favorite furniture store for antiques Melrose Gallery. He refurbishes in white and takes Louis IV- style furniture that I love and does it for me.

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