Top Houseplants for Your Apartment

Obvious lesson alert! Don't place houseplants on top of your exposed radiator. You'll kill your plants. Trust me.

Not a natural "green thumb?" No worries. Make things a lot easier for yourself by choosing plants that will thrive in your apartment's existing conditions.

Even a beginner can get started with these almost-kill-proof plants...

First, observe your apartment's conditions before you select plants. This will greatly help your survival rate.

You'll be rewarded a few ways: house plants improve the air quality, look great, and, may even reduce your stress levels.

For Dark or Cool Apartments
All plants require light, of course, but some prefer indirect light. If your apartment is on the dark side, choose spider plants, ivy, or snake plant (also called "Mother-in-law's-tongue"). These plants require little water and light. Ivy and snake plants require little maintenance. Other good choices are peace lilies and ZZ plants.

Spider plants require a little more attention. They produce little baby plants that make nice gifts. Cut off the unwanted "babies" to keep your plant healthy. The "babies" make nice, and inexpensive gifts for friends, too.

For Sunny or Warm Apartments
Aloe, cactus varieties, and jade plants are at home in sunny and warm environments. These plants prefer occasional watering and tend to thrive with little attention. Place them near a window or other source of regular light. Aloe leaves provide natural relief for burns or insect bites.

If your plant looks unhappy try placing it another location. Tip: do not over-water. It can be as damaging as not watering enough. Set a recurring reminder in your calendar to water your plants every two weeks or until you get more comfortable recognizing when they need care.

Consult with a local gardening center if you have questions.

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