Tiny Homes Get Big

The trend toward "living small" is on the brink of getting very, very big.

Not only is the average home size shrinking, there are more small home devotees, and more small homeoptions available than ever before. So it should come as no surprise there are ever-bigger numbers of "loud and proud" people choosing to live in tiny apartments, too.

The New York Times featured one such renter named Zach Motl. His castle measures 178 square feet. Unlike others who might cling to a minimalist, less-is-more approach when it comes to home furnishings, Motl adopted a "more-is-more" approach. His artfully arranged apartment landed him a job (as a junior designer at an Robert Couturier & Associates) as well as a feature in the Times.

Motl's innate sense of good taste certainly helps maximize his small apartment. Here are some essential tips anyone living in a small space can use.
First: Be thrifty
Choose the items in your apartment very carefully. Whether your style verges toward minimalist or maximalist, you can't be weighed down with items you don't absolute need and absolutely love.

Second: Establish purpose
The Times describes Motl's as having a "sailor's sense" of establishing purpose to every corner of his apartment. His is broken into a living space, sleeping space, an office, kitchen, and even an "entry way", all mere inches from one another.

Think you can't fit your life into such a small apartment? Take a look at our friends in the Pacific for some inspiration. A Japanese apartmen building, shown left, was recently built with four units, each measuring just 82 square feet. Even more extreme? Try living in one of Japan's 5 foot condos!

"Big in Japan?" Surely you're not talking about square footage.
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