Tiger alert! Woods expected to emerge tomorrow


Golf great Tiger Woods is set on Friday to make his first public appearance since a bizarre car accident on Nov. 27, when he crashed his SUV into a tree outside his Florida home. The accident led Woods to admit to infidelity, and dozens of women came forward to claim romantic relationships with the 14-times major champion, who subsequently took an indefinite break from golf.

Woods, believed to be the richest athlete on the planet, is scheduled to address the media in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida at 11 a.m. EST on Friday, according to his manager. He is expected to apologize for his actions but will not take questions.

What's at stake if and when Tiger returns to golf? Millions and millions of dollars, for everyone from Tiger himself to the PGA Tour to his corporate sponsors. The absence of the 34-year-old from the PGA tour has also driven down golf television ratings by 50%, which affects advertising rates.

Woods was estimated to make around $100 million a year before the adultery scandal led AT&T and Accenture to fire him as a spokesman. But his remaining deals with Nike, Gillette and Electronic Arts are still worth millions.