Stargate Fanatic: Take Me to Your Theater


In a quaint suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, buried in the heart of a planned community where row after row of homes look the same, Jacob Yarmuth has built his dream, reports

Spending a sweet 70K to transform his home theater into a custom-built homage to sci-fi show "Stargate Atlantis", Yarmuth's home - nicknamed Ravyn - is the only one on the block, and perhaps the world, that contains a replica of the "Stargate" portal. And that portal (composed of air compression doors) leads to a theater that features a 10-foot movie screen, custom-designed speakers built directly into the wall that look like space debris, and an overhead dome that can be set to reflect an array of intergalactic weather systems.

Yarmuth's home may be the only place in the world where "Stargate" and sci-fi buffs can watch films about space and simultaneously be reminded of the final frontier overhead.