Pet Society Movie Awards

Pet Society Movie awards
Pet Society Movie awards

Playfish often holds contests for its fans, but the latest one, the Pet Society Movie Awards is offering a very special prize-Golden Mayor statues that will be made for the winners. According to a Playfish staff member, the statues will be in the style of the Oscar and will not be available in any stores. Only the winners of the contest will have them. Though I expect Patiniox and other Pet Society hackers will soon be replicating the statues, winning one fair and square is still an exciting prospect.

Eleven winners will be chosen to receive the statues. Ten will get 50 Playfish cash and the grand-prize winner will get 1,000 Playfish cash.

To enter the contest, recreate a scene from a movie. The latest wigs, alien-themed items, and New York City wallpaper should give you plenty of ideas. Once you have your scene made, take a picture and attach it to the Pet Society Movie Awards page. Deadline is February 28; the winners will be announced on March 2, several days before the Academy Awards. That's a wrap!

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