Ohai preps for new social game, codenamed 'Project Unicorn Parade'

ohai preps for project unicorn parade
ohai preps for project unicorn parade

If you haven't tried out the Facebook game City of Eternals yet, it's certainly worth your time. The vampire-themed MMO offers a much more classic computer-game experience combined with the social elements and purchasable virtual items found in FarmVille, Mafia Wars and the rest.

While the fang-tastic game goes into public beta (and will have some new upgrades this week, which include new minions, new quests and a newbie-friendly interface), game publisher Ohai is hard at work at prepping their next big project for launch. Susan Wu, Ohai CEO, gave us a sneak peek at the new game, codenamed 'Project Unicorn Parade.' (Note: image to the right is not related to the game)

Project Unicorn Parade will be an MMO-style game, much like City of Eternals, but will be focused on themes, such as "nurturing and empathy," Wu says. Unlike City of Eternals, which is has a dark and gothic atmosphere, this new game is all about bright colors and is reminiscent of a felt arts and crafts project. Wu says the look of this new game was inspired by her love for handcrafted projects.

The only other tidbit of info we gleaned from the conversation -- the Ohai mascot, Batty, will be making an appearance in Project Unicorn Parade,' but with a slightly different look to match the game's friendly vibe.

More information on this new social game should be coming soon, and we're looking forward to see how this game will shake up the social gaming space when it launches in the next few months. In the meantime, give City of Eternals a go and see if this is Facebook gaming's next big thing.

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