New ways to earn free PetVille coins

Free PetVille coins

Free PetVille coins are out there and we want you to know it. Sure we're being suckered into looking at advertising but as long as we don't have to sign up or pay for anything, we don't care! It's Free coins!

We were able to earn 600 coins with just a few clicks. On the activities page, read the instructions under each item so you don't do more than you have to in order to earn your coins.
Careful though, you wouldn't want to give your email or info to any of these advertisements as I'm sure you'd probably be bombarded with spam for the rest of eternity. But if there is one thing I know for sure, it's that I love free coins and I really love Pookie Manilla's new custom western ninja outfit. (Pookie Manilla in his new garb pictured below)

So get your free coins and treat your pet to something nice.

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