Magical and mystical Country Story Items arrive

This week, magical items have arrived in the Country Story store. They aren't alone however, earlier this week Restaurant City and the mysterious Project Unicorn Parade have also added to the fairy tale fun. Nonetheless, we can't wait to get our hands on some of the new decorations for our rather bland farm.

Country Story Magical Items
Country Story Magical Items

Country Story's items have always been rather plain, usually things you would actually find on a farm. This differs from the exciting items continually being released for other farming games. But with all these nifty new goodies, we'll be able to make the mystical Country Story farm of our dreams.

Among the new items are the Magic Light (7,000 coins), Mermaid (40,000 coins), Sparkling Flower (7,000 coins) and the Unicorn (3 Playfish Cash).

Also check out the MagicCaster (70,000 coins), Island Turtle (25,000 coins) and the Sorcer that turns into a mysterious bird (4 Playfish Cash). Head over now and check out the new mystical items.