Vertical Genius

One type of genius most apartment dwellers have over homeowners? The awareness of, and practical use of, vertical space. This is perfectly demonstrated in the cheeky clothes rack made from the Oscar Wilde phrase, "Genius Lasts Longer than Beauty".

Here are a few more coat racks that prove apartment genius requires vertical-maximizing-know-how-it-ness, and a dash of DIY style...

Display Your Own Vertical Genius

Shabby Chic

This is a great opportunity to reuse and find an interesting collection from area flea markets and thrift stores. Bring on the shabby chic...

If you're not the crafty sort, buy a handmade coat rack made from found objects by an enterprising decorator like Rustics Reborn on Etsy, shown at left. ($49 + shipping.)

Spinning Right Round Like a Record, Baby

Create your own record collection display-slash-handy rack by obtaining some simple dowels (shaker style pegs) and attaching old records.

Don't want to donate any of your rare vinyl to this project? Obtain a similar, up-cycle storage solution for just $12+shipping from another Etsy creator, acspecialties.

Hook Up

Sometimes the simple solution is the best one. Artful arrangement of hooks and knobs are all you need to create storage along every vertical surface of your apartment. Select a theme and go for it.

Start and expand a collection of interesting hooks you find around the city or during your travels. Mix old and new for the most interesting look. Here is an old clipper ship for $24+ shipping from Etsy seller highstreetmarket.

No matter how you display your vertical genius, think about moving day. Attach your racks directly to the wall if you plan to patch the wall when you leave, or, even better, attach them to an easily-removed board or other surface.
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