Treasure Madness adds wooden maze mini-game


A new update has been rolled in by zSlide and Treasure Madness now features an extra minigame, the Wooden Maze minigame. If you're curious to see what this minigame is all about, as well as the amazing rewards you can get for completing it, read on and prepare to be delighted...

The Wooden Maze minigame is simple, in theory: you have to navigate a marble through a wooden board by tilting it up/down, left/right until you reach the exit. Things get a little more difficult while the game progresses, but that's not a problem, it's a nice TreasureMadness challenge.

So... what rewards can you get for completing the new Treasure Madness minigame? Tons of treasures, including the chance to get one of the 35 new ones I'll talk about a bit later. If you seem to have problems beating the Wooden Maze minigame, don't get mad: it might be difficult, but with time and practice you'll certainly become an ace. Good luck and have fun!

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