The Weirdest Apartment Buildings in the World

If your apartment search wish list reads less "hardwood floors" and more "rotating 360-degree view," then web broadcaster Koldcast's roundup of the 20 Weirdest Apartments of the World might be right up your alley.

From a 30-story elephant-shaped building in Thailand, to a tetris-esque complex in Slovenia, to a buzzing metropolitan honeycomb in Chicago, the list truly captures the weird and wonderful of worldwide apartment architecture.
A few favorites:

Most Dizzying: Like M.C. Escher's famous staircase drawings, the Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands leave your brain grappling with the concept of up-and-down. The jumble of angular yellow units is meant to evoke a forest - though possibly one from Picasso's cubist period.

Most Historic: Dating back to 1910, famed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi's Casa Mila rises like a wave from the city center of Barcelona, Spain. The design shuns straight lines in favor of a gently undulating facade, with a series of colorful minaret-like structures on top. Casa Mila has been a World Heritage site for more than 25 years.

Greenest: Perhaps the most interesting one from an environmental standpoint is London's lamely named Container City 1. Built of 80 percent recycled materials, it's an artfully arranged stack of retired shipping containers outfitted as a mixed-use office and apartment building. With its cheerfully painted facade and charming porthole windows, the building is a pop of interest among its otherwise bleak-looking brick neighbors.

Want to pick your own favorite? See the whole list.
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