PetVille introduces 'Collar Duty 3' (and loads of office furniture)

petville collar duty 3
petville collar duty 3

PetVille, Zynga's pet simulation game on Facebook, has a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, especially evident when you head to the furniture store and really look at the decor.

Today, a new section of the furniture store -- called 'Office' -- has opened and when scrolling through looking at a series of computer setups, we got a chuckle at this hardcore gaming setup -- complete with an Alienware-style rig, an 'extreme' gaming chair and a Collar Duty 3 poster. We also like the little productivity chart with the red arrow pointing down -- which is how we feel when every time PetVille introduces new items and challenges.

Back to for Collar Duty 3, though. We'd love to see that concept brought to life as a mini-game, along with a simple racing game using the cars purchased from the showroom. Right now, the games area in PetVille is has a single balloon-popping game that's, well, a little snooze-worthy. We're ready for more. Are you listening, Zynga?