Pet Society: Find lost petlings for 200 coins

pet society petlings lost -- and found for 200 coins

Playfish really seems to have answered players' requests by making it easier to make money in Pet Society. This latest lost-and-find feature yields 200 coins and makes activities like racing seem pointless.

Go to your newsfeed and look for a message like the one above. Be the first to click on the link, and you'll receive a bag of dough. I recently found two pets, so Sushi got a double reward!

Not only is this good for you, but it's good for other friends. Publish the news that you found the petling, and your friends will get another link that will give them a chance to claim 20 coins:

pet society petlings 200 bonus coins

However, there seems to be a bug in the system. While there's plenty of coins being passed around, it's not certain that the petlings are being returned.

I actually have been testing the petling feature in my second account. (Yes, I have a second account; I made it a few months ago specifically to do pet make-overs.) After my petlings George Clooney and Paris Hilton ran away, I went into my first account, "found" them and got 200 coins for each petling. Then I went back to the second account, expecting to see the petlings again. However, I continued to get this message:

pet society petlings 200 bonus coins -- petlings on the run!

I'm not quite sure what happened. Was Pet Society or Facebook confused because I was switching from one account to another? I republished the lost petling message. Then went back to the first account and repeated all the steps. I got the bags of coins again, but this time, I spent it right away in case the money wasn't being registered in the game.

I went back to the second account. Still no petlings, even though Sushi had found them twice. I'm not complaining, since this is a great source of income for Sushi, but it would be good to know if others have been able to get their petlings back without paying the penalty fee.

What is your experience with this? Have you lost your petlings and have other people been able to find them for you?

This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.

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