One Man's Trashy Food is Another Man's Mansion

While most good things in life have grown increasingly expensive and lower in quality during our global recession, fast food has remained cheap and probably hormonally injected with tastiness. Thus, the steady flow of chain foods through our collective American digestive tracts has been making some fast food fat cats even richer and real estate ready.

So how rich have we made them? And how nice are the pads that the international team of super-sized patrons have indirectly paid for?
Well, former Burger King CEO Bradley Blum definitely had it his way with his recent purchase of a Flatiron District condo. His buns will be warm inside the newly renovated and landmarked 141 Fifth Avenue. Thanks to the "Home of the Whopper's" success, Blum, (who now works as the CEO of Romano's Macaroni Grill) was able to fork over $3.7 million. The building dates back to the 1890s and was renovated to condo in 2007. The building still boasts a showstopping copper cupola with terracotta detailed penthouse. But unfortunately for Blum he didn't sell enough burgers. His two-bedroom, 10.7-foot ceiling, corner apartment with in-residence office space, only features walnut floors and a Calacatta Gold marble countertop-equipped kitchen. Perhaps Blum is something of a foodie as the kitchen has a wine cooler and pasta pot filler along with a Wolfe range stove. The CEO, however, will rarely use it as, word is he'll just be using 141 Fifth Ave as a pied-terre (it really is good to be King).

Meanwhile, the chief marketing officer of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. budgeted his bean burritos well. He purchased a 3-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot loft with 13-foot ceilings and views of the Empire State building for a paltry $2.5 million. The humorously named CMO, Mark Crumpacker, bought the unit from "Law & Order" actor Benjamin Bratt and his movie star wife, Talisa Soto.

And last, Papa John's pizza-chain founder John Schnatter lives much better than his delivery boys. He bought three units in the St. Regis Deer Crest Resort in Deer Valley, Utah. Schnatter's slice of the brand spanking new condo and residence complex rang in at a cool $23 million. For the price of too many large pizzas to calculate, the premiere pizza person gets two penthouse residences with five bedrooms each. An 11th floor residence for example, has 16-foot ceilings, a fireplace, and requisite Deer Valley views. Of course there is a deckside hot tub, too. Despite all the extra toppings, it's not like Schnatter plans on actually living in Utah. He isn't fixin' to leave his main lair in Louisville, Kentucky! Rather the plan is that after he sells one of those Deer Valley penthouses, the remaining Utah digs will be available for the casual use of family and friends. Yes, $23 million for casual use. John Schnatter is on our new friends list already.
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