Burger King: Have that burger and coffee 'your way'


Have you ever been ordering a Whopper and suddenly get a craving for a hot mocha coffee? Now you can have both!

Burger King and Seattle's Best Coffee, a subsidy of Starbucks, are joining up to sell coffee in around 7,250 Burger King restaurants across the United States by September 2010.

The menu change follows the successful launch of McCafe coffee by McDonald's. Starbucks has been working on expanding its Seattle's Best brand by making deals with restaurants, such as Subway.

"Offering freshly-brewed premium coffee made from 100% arabica beans is part of Burger King Corp.'s commitment to enhancing the brand's beverage platform and breakfast menu," Burger King said in a statement.

Burger King will offer Seattle's Best Blend coffee, hot or iced, with optional vanilla or mocha flavor and whipped topping, at prices ranging from $1 to $2.79.

If you are a fan of Burger King's current coffee offering, BK Joe, you will soon be out of luck, as Seattle's Best will replace Joe.