CNBC Loses Charlie Gasparino to Fox, but Keeps David Faber

Did News Corp.'s (NWS) Fox Business Network score a major coup when it hired tough-talking CNBC reporter Charlie Gasparino (pictured) to be its new senior correspondent? One guy certainly thinks so: Charlie Gasparino.Less than 24 hours after his hiring became official, Gasparino was on Twitter, trumpeting (twumpeting?) his first scoop to his 700-odd followers. "I've already started kicking ass!" he declared. (The scoop in question: that golfer Tiger Woods was planning to make a public apology for his marital transgressions.)

But lest you think that CNBC dropped the ball in losing Gasparino, know that it could've been worse. According to two cable news sources, the NBC Universal-owned network recently signed its other star reporter, David Faber, to a new contract. ABC News and Bloomberg TV were said to be courting Faber, possibly for some kind of joint arrangement that would have had him sharing his time across the two properties. Faber did not respond to requests for comment.

Exposure v. Money

One obvious reason for Faber to stay put is exposure. CNBC is in more than 90 million U.S. households, versus about 60 million for Bloomberg and 50 million for Fox Business. An on-air role at ABC News would add to his reach, but Faber already appears on NBC News programs including Nightly News.

Gasparino, on the other hand, seems to have decided that a decrease in exposure was worth it for a new contract that reportedly pays him in excess of $1 million a year. A source who knows him, however, predicts that as long as Gasparino continues to break news, his profile won't suffer. "It almost doesn't matter where he's working," says the source. "Whatever he does, it's going to get picked up by the wires and everybody else."

Then there's Alexis Glick, who has been at loose ends since leaving Fox Business, where she was an anchor, just before the holidays. Despite her talk about "a new venture," a "new chapter" and an unspecified "opportunity," Glick has yet to announce her next move (although she's been dropping plenty of hints about it on Twitter). Glick did not respond to an email asking about the delay.
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