Cashmere toilet paper: The Wretched Excess Report

cashmere toilet paperIt's good to see that, even as we claw our way out of the recession, wretched excess is making its way back into the market. The latest evidence? Cashmere toilet paper, offered for sale in the U.K. by the grocery vendor Waitrose.

In truth (and to obliterate the unfortunate mental image you no doubt now have in your mind), cashmere fibers are not woven into the TP. Instead, a moisturizing lotion with either extracts of cashmere, jojoba or aloe vera are added "for ultimate softness". If you're a fan of room scents (I'm not), you might be pleased to learn that the roll has another innovation, a scented center to add a layer of perfume to the funk of the bathroom.

A four-pack of this product will set you back around $3.60, plus the cost of shipping from overseas.

If you're more into the visual than the tactile joys of toilet paper, you might enjoy some of the offerings of Here you can buy stimulus tissue (U.S. hundred dollar bills on a roll), camouflage paper (giving every half-wit in America the opening to ask his/her spouse "Hey, where's the toilet paper?"), word puzzles, barbed wire, smiley faces, or even your own personal monogram.

For those politically but not physically constipated, offers political TP, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama portraits in tissue.

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