Sega's Vancouver 2010 game makes tracks on Facebook

sega vancouver 2010 game on Facebook
sega vancouver 2010 game on Facebook

If you love the Olympics, but not enough to pay the exorbitant fees to watch them live in Vancouver, try getting a little closer to the action -- virtually -- with the Vancouver 2010 Official Minigame on Facebook.

This Olympic game is a stripped-down version of Sega's video game with the same name, allowing virtual athletes to play mini-games based on four popular events -- ski jumping, short track speed skating, snowboard cross and giant slalom. Just like the real-life Olympics, players are rewarded gold, silver or bronze medals depending on their performance.

The social aspects of Vancouver 2010 seem standard for a Facebook game -- invite friends to play (and build up your 'team score') and post high scores on your Facebook wall for bragging rights. There's also a series of leaderboards, so players can see how their skills stack up against others in your country and across the globe.