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Get 70% off restaurant gift certificates

through with code ENJOY. Expires Sunday, Feb. 21.

Maybe you'd like to try dining out at someplace new but don't want to pay full price? Ordering take out with these certs might be an option but check the fine print first.

The certs are normally $10 for a $25 certificate so this makes them just $3 each. The certs occasionally go on sale for 80% off (once I even saw them for 90% off) but at this point you are only saving a dollar or two by holding out.

The certs come with some exclusions and redemption rules. Usually you have to order a minimum amount of food, say $35 or $50, to use one $25 cert. They almost always exclude alcohol, tax, and tip, and some restaurants even limit you to certain days or times (dinner only, or lunch only, for example). Just read the redemption rules ahead of time and you'll be fine.

If you are buying certs to a restaurant you have not been to in a few months, call to check it is still open and that it is accepting certificates from

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