Jared Fogel and other diet spokespersons a swelling problem

kirstie alley no longer diet modelAfter a photograph of Subway spokesman Jared Fogel showing he'd put on quite a bit of weight began circulating recently, the topic of diet spokespeople has become the subject of quite a few country-fried-chicken lunches.

The sad fact is that it is more difficult to keep off shedded pounds than to lose them in the first place.

The diet market is strew with corpulent bodies of former spokespersons, from Tom Lasorda and Whoppi Goldberg (Slim-Fast) to Tony Orlando, Don Shula and Billie Jean King (Nutrisystem) to Kirstie Alley (Jenny Craig) to Sarah Ferguson (Weight Watchers). The most memorable coupling, though, imho was the late Anna Nicole Smith and TrimSpa.

Below, see our gallery of backsliding spokespeople: Kirstie Alley, Sarah Ferguson, Tony Orlando, Billie Jean King, Jared Fogel, Tommy Lasorda, Jason Alexander, and Whoopi Goldberg.
Kirstie Alley
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Jared Fogel and other diet spokespersons a swelling problem
Kristie Alley, former spokesperson for Jenny Craig
Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, former spokesperson for Weight Watchers
Tony Orlando, former spokesperson for Nutrisystem
Billy Jean King, former spokesperson for Nutrisystem
Jared Fogle, Spokesperson, Subway
Tommy Lasorda, former spokesperson, Slimfast
Jason Alexander, new spokesperson, Jenny Craig
Whoopi Goldberg, former spokesperson for Slim-Fast
Don Shula, former spokesperson for Nutrisystem

Because these celebrities regained some or all of the weight they lost, was the effort in vain? I don't believe so. Every day they were losing weight, every day they spent at a healthy weight, was a good day, and that can never be taken away from them. Also, the health benefits will help sustain them even after their slide.

While I expect a good deal of schadenfreude among we buoyant Americans, I'm pulling for Jared to get back to his fighting weight. With over half of our population engaged in the same struggle, we need examples of success more than we need the dubious satisfaction of seeing the famous fail.
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