FarmVille Unwither Ring glitch misleads virtual farmers

farmville unwither ring glitch
farmville unwither ring glitch

There was a glitch in FarmVille regarding the Unwither Ring. Upon visiting your farm, you may have gotten a pop-up message that said something similar to "You can now open your Unwither Ring!"

This is a glitch that occurred in FarmVille for many users regardless if you were gifted the Unwither Ring. It seems like its intention was to be used as a notification that Unwither Rings could be opened as you had to wait until February 14th to open them. Although this pop-up may have been misleading, if you did not receive an Unwither Ring you cannot open one.

If you were gifted an Unwither Ring you would have also received a notification from the FarmVille neighbor that sent the ring.

Official Word from Zynga spokesman Channel Zero:

"Some of you might have noticed a popup this morning for the Unwither Ring that stated you had been gifted with a ring, and upon clicking it you were taken to the market. Please be aware that this was unintentional. This was an unfortunate glitch that was the result of the our regular daily messages being tied to the messaging for those who were actually gifted with an Unwither Ring.

We sincerely and profusely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience, and did not intend on misleading any of you. Once again, this was an unfortunate glitch that our developers are working on remedying at this very moment.

Once again, we apologize for this error and are working to make sure that similar ones are minimized or do not occur in the future."

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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