FarmVille Teal & Red Mystery Boxes arrive [spoiler]

farmville teal and red mystery box
farmville teal and red mystery box

On 02.15.10 FarmVille released a new Teal and Red ribboned Mystery Box, which will be available in the FarmVille Market for the next eight days and costs 16 FV$.

As always the Mystery Box is a gamble that you take at your own risk, but promises to offer exclusive prizes.

:::Spoiler Alert:::

Here is a list of a few of the confirmed Teal & Red ribboned Mystery Box prizes:

* Lake, 150 XP
* Pinto Horse (animal)
* Bed and Breakfast (building), 450 XP
* Acai Tree. 150 XP
* 10 Fuel Refills,

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What else did you get in the teal mystery boxes?

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