FarmVille Link FAQ: How do I get my FarmVille link for exchanges?


With the re-introduction of all working links, many of you are eager to exchange your link with FarmVille friends and non-neighbors, but do not know how. Before you can exchange links you will need to first know how to get your link. Please read below for instructions.

Q: How do I get my FarmVille link for exchanges?

A: Choose the link you are looking for:


gift: Replace your Facebook ID number at the end (after = sign).

To Find your Facebook ID:

1. Go to your Facebook profile.
2. Click your profile photo.
3. At the end of the URL there will be numbers, that is your facebook ID

Here is a great website with pictorials that teaches you how to create your FarmVille links:

FarmVille Links

Once you know how to create your FarmVille link, you can exchange links at the FarmVille Freak Link Exchange Chat or FarmVille Freak Forum and get some extra help from your fellow FarmVille Freaks!

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.