Anderson Cooper's Interior Designer Goes Down

Anderson CooperCNN anchor Anderson Cooper has found himself at the butt of many pole jokes thanks to the not-so-fancy footwork of an interior designer who accidentally took the shortcut between floors of Cooper's under construction firehouse conversion. While the Silver Fox has been busy straddling the precarious line between journalist and Haitian Earthquake Hero with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, he's been slapped with a lawsuit stating he's neglected the safety of his new 84 W. 3rd Street West Village home.

Cooper bought the former house of New York's bravest back in September for $4.3 million (down from its original $4.75 million).

The problem surrounds the de-poling of the Cooper firehouse (for unclear and seemingly un-fun reasons). The interior designer, Killian O'Brien apparently fell 17-feet through the unmanned hole and survived. She is suing Cooper, the LLC that owns the firehouse, and the contractor. O'Brien, 29, claims they all are in violation of labor laws. Her attorney has been quoted as stating: "She's lucky she's alive."

A surprising supporter of Cooper in this pole and hole drama is Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren. In a blog post she expressed suspicion about such ambulance chasing of a public figure: seems unfair that Anderson Cooper has to wake to this every day - he is NOT accused of pushing her or of leaving a hole open with the specific intent that she fall in it.

Sometimes law suits against famous people amount to blackmail....and sometimes they are legitimate....but why is this ordinary dispute in the media? Do you really think the national media is hanging out at the clerk's office to see what is filed? or do you think the lawyer fed this to the media to put pressure on Cooper? I think it unfair to Anderson Cooper.

Wow! It's not every day a Fox News chatterbox comes to the defense of muscle-T'd CNN star. Of course Van Susteren wasn't going to come to Cooper's defense totally. She followed her kind support with:

By the way, just because I think this unfair to him, I am not asking you to watch his show!!! Tune into our news show ON THE RECORD at 10pm.

While the lawsuit is investigated further, we have been sitting back and enjoying the fun descriptions of Cooper's property -- packed with innuendo.

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