An app for acne -- and other weird apps you probably don't need

iphone acneThere are smart phone apps for everything else, so why not the treatment of acne?

The AcneApp, which uses blue and red lights to help kill skin bacteria and promote colagen growth, can be downloaded to iPhones or iTouches for $1.99. I might point out that for $1.99, you can also buy a nice bar of skin soap and look far less ridiculous than you would walking around holding your phone to your nose.

Yes, but does it work? Probably not, but we'd be happy to see your before and after photos before passing final judgment.

Blue and red light therapy is not particularly effective in acne treatment, according to some dermatologists. In fact, the UV rays from the application could even be harmful to the skin. Even the app's Houston-based dermatologist-developer isn't sure the process will actually cure acne or erase wrinkles.

Dr. Greg Pearson told the New York Times that "This would have to go through a lot more clinical study before I could quantify its efficacy." But, he added, he was "fascinated by the concept that users would potentially be able to treat their acne while talking on the phone." Perhaps, but are we talking about the same population who hasn't yet mastered driving while talking on the phone?

Still, we give Pearson high marks for originality. While there are dozens of free skincare apps for the downloading, most are just promotions for skin care product lines, enabled with the ability to order those products from your phone. Big whoop.

Pearson practiced dermatology in downtown Houston for several years prior to starting Memorial Dermatology in 2005. He has performed skin cancer screenings for Houston organizations including: The Houston Astros, Duke Energy and the Shell Houston Open. Maybe the app should caution against standing in the hot sun while you talk on the phone as well?

Weird apps are a'plenty for the taking. There's the free Have2P, which will find you the nearest restroom and provide valuable information including whether it's for patrons only, has a baby changing table and whether its a truck stop not known for its cleanliness.

And for the 8-year-old boys in your life, iFart allows users to pick from or record up to 26 sounds, including flatulent outbursts, for free.

Enough to drive you to drink? The iBeer app from Hottrix appears to fill your iPhone or iPod Touch screen with beer and when tipped, the device appears to drain. iBeer sells for $1.99.

So many apps, so little time? Let iDecide decide for you which ones to add. You trigger the spinner a flick with your finger, and "let fate make all your decisions for you." But for 99 cents, you have to decide whether it's worth it.
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