Wild Ones: Five simple tips that will make you leader of the pack

wild one five tips that will totally change your game
wild one five tips that will totally change your game

Wild Ones
, the Facebook game from Playdom, isn't the standard appointment-style click-fest, like FarmVille or Mafia Wars. Instead this turn-based shoot-em-up, reminiscent of the popular video game series Worms, stars a series of cartoon animals. Heavily armed cartoon animals. Their mission? To send opponents -- controlled by real-life players -- to animal heaven using any means necessary.

To get started in Wild Ones, visit the site and create your Dog (starting character with other animals unlocked at higher levels). The game will then walk you through a simple tutorial in which you launch missiles at one opponent. In the tutorial there's an unlimited supply of missiles, so don't be shy with that trigger finger.

Once the tutorial is complete, the game encourages giving the multi-player mode a try. In this mode, you'll face off against two-to three other real-life players in a battle to the death. For those of you who want to aim high, here's five tips that will take you from the bottom of the food change to the king the Wild Ones in no time.