Prediction: Boomers Stay Put, Gen Y Keeps Renting

Price reduction on a home
Price reduction on a home

Generation-Y may have years of paying rent ahead of them. Ready-for-retirement baby boomers may continue to work. And those in their prime earning years may have to ditch that lofty dream of a second home in Naples, Fla.

Over the next decade, the housing landscape looks ominous compared to the boom of the early 2000s, according to a new study from the Urban Land Institute. The prediction is that home ownership in the U.S. -- off a high of 69 percent in recent years-- will drop to 62 percent and home appreciation will lag at about one to two percent annually.

Four demographic trends, says the report, revolving around older baby boomers, younger baby boomers, Generation Y and immigrants, will be shifting the demands on the housing sector.