PetVille gives away V-Day decor for fans only

petville v-day gift for fans onlyPetVille wishes fans a Happy Valentine's Day with a special wall decoration for your pet's home. If you're already a fan, all you need to do is clink on this link, and then look for the trinket (see pic on right) in the game's storage box. Open the box, drag the decor into the room and place it on the wall.

If you're not a fan of PetVille, you'll have to become one before claiming this gift. To do so, visit the PetVille Facebook fan page, and click the button that says ' Become A Fan.' Then click this link, or the same link on the fan page, and look for the gift in your storage box.

Looks like membership has its privileges, eh?
petville Valentine's day decoration -- in the flesh!
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