Feeling Heat from IRS, Sinbad Will Sell LA Home

SinbadSinbad's been talking 'bout the tax man recently. But this time, it's no joke.

The actor/comedian reportedly owes $8.5 million to the Internal Revenue Service and other $2.1 million to the state of California, and declared bankruptcy late last year. In fact, he was named as one of California's biggest tax evaders in 2009. It's also been said that the IRS may want to force the sale of his home in order to help pay off his debt.

Sinbad may be trying to get a jump on them: He recently listed his Los Angeles home on the market for $3 million, no doubt to raise money to pay off his debts.

The home, at 5950 Spring Valley Road, is in the exclusive gated community of Hidden Hills, at the end of a long private driveway. Famous residents of Hidden Hills include Howie Mandel, Lisa Marie Presley and Nicollette Sheridan; Jennifer Lopez has reportedly also just purchased a home there.

I chatted recently with the broker who has the listing for Sinbad's home, Marty Trugman of Teles Properties. Trugman says the 5-bedroom, 5-bath home has been on the market for just a few weeks. He characterizes the 5,064-square-foot house built in 1954 as "English style," and says it sports a recording studio, a tennis court, a basketball court and a pool, all spread on over 2.5 acres.

Trugman offered no comment on Sinbad's tax issues. But if he gets his asking price, Sinbad will make a tidy profit: he reportedly purchased the home for just over $1.5 million in 2007.

Have no idea who Sinbad is? That might be part of his problem. Sinbad, whose given name is David Adkins, was a television fixture in the 1980s and 1990s, starring in shows such as "The Sinbad Show," "The Cosby Show" and "A Different World."

But the actor, 53, is making a comeback of sorts. An aptly titled 1-hour comedy special, "Sinbad: Where U Been?" will air Feb. 21st on Comedy Central, and he will also appear in NBC's new season of "Celebrity Apprentice," which beings March 14th.

You can bet the tax collectors will be watching.
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