Wake up, Mom and Dad! Creating a boudoir on a budget for Valentine's Day fun


For many parents "doing it" and "gettin' some" refer to sleep, not sex. Sure zombies and vampires are all the rage right now, but if you're a parent, you've been that way for at least a year, maybe more. Wake up parents! The time has come for you to get your sexy back and it doesn't even have to cost you a lot of coin.

Creativity and imagination aren't just for the kids. Can't afford a babysitter? Have an attached garage? After the kids are asleep, grab the electronic baby monitor and make some heat in the back seat of your car. Maybe it will bring back memories of when you were first dating -- an old way for you to feel young.

Indeed, there are lots of common items in the homes of every parent that can, in the right hands, be turned into objects d'amour. "Don't let time and money tie your hands. Instead look around your own home for the tools, or in this case, the toys," says Mistress Blaze, who pens a sex advice column for Arena Blaze, an online resource for committed couples who want to dabble in domination. "A leather belt holds up your pants but in the right hands, it can also hold down your partner." How about an old pair of pantyhose? Those can be used to restrain your Valentine "pet" while you run to the freezer and grab some ice cubes. "Think 9 /12 Weeks meets 9 months," says Mistress Blaze, "Your ice-maker might just make you into a naughty little love machine."