New FarmVille podcast: Horse stable, chicken coop updates coming soon


The official FarmVille podcast has finally arrived. To read the entire transcript of the podcast you may do so here:

Official FarmVille Podcast 02.12.10 Transcript

If you are too lazy to read all that here are some highlights of this week's podcast.

Valentines Mailbox:

* Use Valentines to trade-in special gifts.

Valentines themed Farm Contest by Zynga

* Winner will receive 500 FV$

Unwither Function:

* 3 Unwither applications can be purchased in the FarmVille Market for 30 FV$
* You can randomly receive free unwither upon visiting neighbors farms while completing friend missions.
* If you visit a neighbor's farm that has not played FarmVille in the last 30 days you can choose to unwither dead crops with a free unwither application.