Mafia Wars Crisis Crates arrive, offering a nice break from V-day mania

crisis crate

Mafia Wars steers away from Valentine's Day mania and releases a series of decidedly non-romantic Crisis Crates with limited edition items inside. The crates can be purchased from the Godfather -- one Crate for 12 reward points and three crates for 35 reward points. There's a 60% chance that these crates will hold a common item, 30% chance they hold an uncommon item and 10% chance they will have a rare item inside.

The 'crisis' items include a battering ram, emergency axe, bullet-proof armor, fire truck, rescue helicopter, blow torch and good old-fashioned CPR.

mafia wars crisis crates

These Crisis crates are available alongside the Super Stuffed crates and a V-day themed limited edition Lonely Heart Tommy gun.

What do you think of these new Crisis items? Are they worth it?

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