Latest Addition to Toyota Recall List: Tacoma Pickups

Toyota (TM) has enough on its hands after the recall of about 8 million cars worldwide for accelerator problems, another recall of 2010 versions of its Prius hybrid for brake issues, congressional investigations, and product liability suits. But it turns out that the problems won't end there.
On Feb. 12, Toyota said it might expand its recall for brake problems and announced that it will recall 8,000 Tacoma pickups to fix drive shafts on four-wheel drive models. That means that Toyota has admitted that it has transmission problems on some models along with brake and accelerator flaws on others.

Toyota dealers have begun to tell the media that the No.1 car company in the world has begun to offer large incentives on new cars to keep inventories from building to high levels. According tothe Detroit Free Press "So-called customer loyalty rebates on 2010 Corolla and Camry models increased to $1,750, effective Friday."

The Tacoma drive shaft problem may seem minor because it involves such a small number of vehicles but it raise two more problems for Toyota. The first is concerns among consumers about how many individual mechanical systems on Toyota cars have flaws and whether others are likely to be discovered as the company scrambles to prepare for congressional testimony. The second problem is that Congress will ask when Toyota was aware of the problems of each major mechanical system. It only takes a disclosure that the company knew about one for any period of time before it told customers to Toyota in real trouble with Congress.
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