Happy Pets free Love Potion available on Feb. 14

happy pets free love potion

Look like we won't be the only ones who will be finding romance this Valentine's Day. On Sunday, February 14, Happy Pets will be giving away one free Love Potion, which will "guarantee breeding between two adult pets." Me-ow!

happy pets catAs the note says, to breed pets, players will need two fully grown cats or dogs, one female and one male. To breed the two pets, right click on a male pet, then select 'breed' from the pop-up menu. Normally, breeding only works a certain percentage of the time, but this special V-day potion promises that a frisky new pup or kitten will arrive as a very special delivery.

Based on the picture to the right, these new baby pets might also have a special, limited edition coloring or design. Let us know what your Love Potion pet looks like by emailing a pic to libe@games.com.

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