FarmVille link exchanges are working (again)!


All you FarmVille Freak link lovers will be happy to know that ALL link exchanges are working again!

Earlier this week the links were dead and in a change made before that you were only able to link exchange with friends that were your FarmVille neighbors. Now, all link exchanges should be working regardless if you are neighbors or not, including these links:

farmville barn raising
farmville barn raising

Mystery Eggs
Barn Raising
Horse Stable Supplies
Valentines Gifting

If you need help with any link exchanges you may visit our FarmVille Freak Link Exchange Chat.

Please review these rules for chat below. Violating any of the rules will result in a ban from FarmVille Freak Chat.

1. Links should only be shared in FarmVille Freak Link Exchange Chat, NOT the regular discussion chat.
2. Do NOT flood the board with your links. If you see your link posted more than once in the same window then you are posting too frequently. Please give everyone a chance to share their links. Flooding the chat may result in an instant ban.
3. No spamming or advertising other websites, products, or services.
4. Usually there is minimal discussion within the link exchange chat because it defeats the purpose of it. However, you should not use profanity and should always be respectful to other chatters and moderators.
5. NOTE: While some links are okay to share within regular discussion FarmVille Freak Chat, if it is relevant to discussion or if you would like to share with those you are chatting with, begging will NOT be tolerated. Please do not beg others to post their links or visit this chat for the sole purpose of requesting links! Only these links will be accepted in regular chat: eggs, collections, rewards, farm visiting.

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