Zynga FarmVille Invasion: Goodbye Multiple Chicken Coops!


Since Tuesday night Zynga started removing multiple Chicken Coops in FarmVille. For those farmers in violation of the "One Chicken Coop" rule, you can expect your multiple coops to be deleted and your excess Chickens sent to your Gift Box. It does not matter how you obtained the multiple Chicken Coops whether by in game glitch or if you purposely used tricks to gain extra coops.

farmville freak zoning laws
farmville freak zoning laws

Some farmers that didn't see this earlier post on FarmVille Freak were surprised to see their Gift Box filled with some 100 plus Chickens and their extra Chicken Coops missing. Although your Gift Box limit is only 30, it will accommodate any excess Chickens.

The removal is without notice and may happen at anytime. If Zynga has invaded your farm while you were away, you will receive this pop-up notice upon visiting your farm.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.