Why you need to discuss money with your love


Ah, Valentine's Day: the time of year when couples like to talk about love. But according to one expert, those lovebirds also need to talk seriously about money and credit if they want their relationships to stand the test of time.

Adam Levin, co-founder and chairman of Credit.com, spoke with WalletPop about the kinds of money conversations couples need to have with one another if they're thinking of tying the knot or merging their finances. Especially in these financially perilous times, he says, "Everybody has to step up and increase their awareness."

Levin says that women, traditionally charged with managing household finances, tend to take the lead when it comes to researching and obtaining credit and protecting their credit scores. But such one-sided financial management in the 21st century is a prescription for disaster, especially if the union falls apart. Those who get into the most trouble after a divorce or breakup, Levin says, tend to be the ones who were in the dark about their partners' borrowing and spending habits.