Ponzi Inc. Valentine's Day perk raises moral +100

ponzi inc valentine's day perk
ponzi inc valentine's day perk

Ponzi Inc, the satirical Facebook game that puts you in charge of a pyramid scheme 'company' a la Bernie Madoff, is getting into the holiday spirit with a special perk called Dino Date.

The perk is described as the following: 'A Valentine's Day Treat! Invite Ponzisaurus and his sweetie pie nessy for a romantic evening, giving +100 morale. The perk costs 2 Challenge coins, and will most likely only be around for a limited time.

Ponzi Inc launched in November 2009, courtesy of Austin-based Challenge Games. According to AppData, the business tycoon game has just over a million players, but doesn't seem to be growing rapidly. This is easily one of the more graphically pleasing Facebook games out there (plus great theme music), and it's a nice change of pace if you need a break from farming, running a cafe or tending to wide-eyed animals.

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