Find financial advice on Twitter from Mint and WalletPop's List


Even though Twitter is still a relatively new service it has quickly become a go-to source for getting advice on anything from your next electronics purchase to how to get out of debt. The ability to connect with thousands of experts and enthusiasts on a topic makes it an appealing medium for learning more about personal finance Thanks to Mint's Money Tweets and WalletPop's Twitter lists, it's even easier to find quality personal finance tweets.

First off, a personal finance tool, has a tool called Money Tweets which displays tweets from experts on money topics including investing, saving, budgeting, loans and retirement. It also features a Mint Question of the Day that solicits the advice of every Twitter user, bringing responses from people with a broad range of life experiences.

In addition to the advice from Mint, WalletPop has searched through millions of tweets to find some of the best personal finance experts on Twitter and added them to the WalletPop Personal Finance Bloggers list. You can follow this list on Twitter and see the action below.