FarmVille celebrates Lunar New Year 2010 with firecrackers and more

As I was saying in the previous post regarding the Mardi Gras Decorations, FarmVille celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year as well with tons of extra new decorations that will clutter our farms and make them take ages to load. But still, they'll look so great!

Check out the Lunar New Year new decorations in the images below, as well as all the details about these new items!

Horse & Carriage: 16FV cash, 150 XP (resells for 750 coins)
Bonsai Tree: 3 FV cash, 60 XP (resells for 300 coins)
Firecrackers: 2 FV cash
Mighty Fireworks: 2FV cash
Beckoning Cat: 2,010 coins, 20 XP (resells for 100 coins)
Tiger Statue: 5,600 coins, 56 XP (resells for 280 coins)
Dragon Arch: 5,200 coins, 52 XP (resells for 260 coins)
Warrior I: 2,000 coins, 20 XP (resells for 100 coins)
Warrior II: 2,000 coins, 20 XP (resells for 100 coins)

Which is your favorite Lunar New Year FarmVille decoration?

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