Dig Into This Year's Trend: Micro-Gardening


Banish the winter blahs with green additions to your apartment. We've presented our case in the past on how adding plants to your urban space will instantly energize you and lift your mood, but now's the time that you should consider gardening. You may not have three feet of space to build a plot outdoors, so this is micro-gardening.

Yes, we know that last year's trend of indoor composting is probably taking up some valuable space, but think about the ability to season dishes with freshly picked basil from your indoor planters. We don't need to go all Michael Pollan on you and explain the importance of good food and knowing from where it originates but, really, if you're going to try out your green thumb why not try it with some edible greens.

Here's a round-up of some of our favorite ideas to bring a mini-garden into your own apartment.