Dig Into This Year's Trend: Micro-Gardening

Banish the winter blahs with green additions to your apartment. We've presented our case in the past on how adding plants to your urban space will instantly energize you and lift your mood, but now's the time that you should consider gardening. You may not have three feet of space to build a plot outdoors, so this is micro-gardening.

Yes, we know that last year's trend of indoor composting is probably taking up some valuable space, but think about the ability to season dishes with freshly picked basil from your indoor planters. We don't need to go all Michael Pollan on you and explain the importance of good food and knowing from where it originates but, really, if you're going to try out your green thumb why not try it with some edible greens.

Here's a round-up of some of our favorite ideas to bring a mini-garden into your own apartment.
Urb Garden by Xavier Calluaud

The Urb Garden is a conceptual design that integrates in-home compost recycling with a kitchen worm farm. The narrow, vertical design is great for balconies and other limited spaces.

Food scraps are put in the top to feed the worms. The worms digest the waste and producing a nutrient-rich liquid that runs behind the planter boxes. Boxes can be easily removed for harvesting lettuce and herbs and replanted. The results are an attractive green wall that feeds you, too.

Wolly Pocket by Wollypocket.com

Wolly Pockets are a softer version of the Urb Garden, minus worms, that hangs on the wall. A pocket of plants gracefully spilling over the edge of the wolly pocket can double as functional art, too.

The Wolly Pocket system is modular, and, the "Wally" is a single pocket. Arrange Wallys in groups of three or five. Lined Wallys have built-in moisture protection to protect floors and walls from getting wet. The lined version is best if you plan to use it in your apartment. Use the unlined version if you plan to hang the Wally outdoors.

The "Lightpot" Lamp/Planter by Studio Shubal
Don't want to commit to the Urb Garden or Wolly Pocket? This cleverly designed light by Studio Shubal also doubles as a planter. Really interesting is that the ambient light from the LED bulb grows with intensity as the plant grows. The lamp/planter will be available soon in stores. Just one troubling thing about it: it uses electricity to grow your plant rather than the sun, which seems a bit counter to its "green" merit...but still a nice addition to any apartment.
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