Dallas Crime Hits Million Dollar Neighborhoods

Preston Forest shopping center in Dallas, Tex.
Preston Forest shopping center in Dallas, Tex.

Hold on to your bling, ladies. Crime in Dallas is now infiltrating even the very best neighborhoods. Million-dollar homeowners beware.

Several weeks ago, a Dallas woman did what she does about three times a week: run to the local Whole Foods market at the Preston Forest Shopping Center (left) near North Dallas. She was just a few miles from her estate home in Preston Hollow, one of Dallas' priciest neighborhoods. (This time she didn't run into George and Laura Bush, who also shop there.)

Like always, she'd buy a few groceries and take them to her car. But this evening, as she was tucking an orchid between the milk cartons on her front seat, a stranger stopped by to offer help. She declined graciously and offered him her shopping basket. The stranger, who looked no older than 20, grabbed the basket, slammed it into the woman, threw her down on the pavement and shoved her face into the asphalt. He stole a 7.5 carat, $90,000 diamond ring from her finger, her designer sunglasses and a faux-diamond necklace from her throat. Then he hopped into a white Jaguar getaway car.