Airstreams, Modern Homes Draw Fans to Palm Springs

trailer home in Palm Springs, Calif.
trailer home in Palm Springs, Calif.

When introduced, the aerodynamic, Atomic Age Airstream trailer was the ultimate mobile expression of mid-century modern design. Now these classic trailers are not only "collectibles" but they're in vogue as hip, mobile homes -- or even re-purposed as guest rooms or offices parked at home.

"That type of lifestyle has become desirable once again by people who want travel alternatives that are simpler and less expensive, yet tap into their creative ideas about vacationing," says Christy Eugenis, proud owner of a 1966 Aristocrat trailer and Palm Springs' Orbit In Hotel. Eugenis is also a board member of the Palm Springs Modernism committee, through which she's organized a must-see showcase of Airstreams at the Ace Hotel -- a new event during Palm Springs Modernism week which launches today and runs through Feb. 21.

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