PetVille adds 50 new levels

petville 50 new levels
petville 50 new levels

If you were somehow starting to feel bored withPetVille, starting today you'll have a lot of extra things to do since the game now has 50 extra levels! Of course, we're not talking about new game content (as there is no notion of levels in PetVille) but a level cap greater than the previous one. Therefore, starting today, hardcore PetVille players who will still get love after level 50 will be able to level up to the level 100.

Zynga held a naming contest for the 50 new levels and some lucky fans certainly saw their suggestions on the new list. So if you know the names of all the new 50 PetVille levels, please share them with Social Games Help so we can create a full list for the curious fellows!

Article originally published on Social Games Help.