Why I Live in Bridgeport, Chicago

Bridgeport, ChicagoSouth Side Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood is probably best known as the boyhood home of Mayor Richard M. Daily, and where his father, the late Mayor Richard J. Daily, lived all his life. That solid-brick bungalow (left) is at 3536 S. Lowe St.

The neighborhood's also close to U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox play at 333 W. 35th St.. But Bridgeport's real home run is the low home prices and rents and proximity to area attractions that draw crowds of families and young singles.

Alyse Cerone,29, who's lived in Bridgeport for just under a year in a one-bedroom unit, says location, convenience and safety top her list of reasons for calling the neighborhood home. Her top five...

  1. Proximity to the Loop. "The fact that you're only 15 minutes by car to downtown," she says, makes it an ideal location for people who like to explore all of the city.
  2. Proximity to highway system. "I'm the one of my friends that always drives," says Cerone. "It doesn't take me long to get anywhere because I'm near (interstates) 290, 255. I've got options, unlike people who live in Lincoln Park and only have Lake Shore Drive. The highways make it so easy to get places."
  3. Family friendly neighborhood. "All of my neighbors are always out in the summer. Everybody notices what goes on. They're concerned about me. If they haven't seen me in a while, they'll say, 'Where have you been?' And since I live by myself, I like that."
  4. Local dining. "The Mom and Pop restaurants are unique. I like going to one-of-a-kind places. And it doesn't cost you $200 to go out to dinner." Places like the Bridgeport Restaurant and Dox's serve up American fare at reasonable prices.
  5. Safety. "This is an old-fashioned Irish neighborhood. There's a higher percentage of service people--policemen, firemen that live here. That makes it safer."

The Scoop on Bridgeport: A number of homes in the Bridgeport neighborhood, like the historic Daley home, are classic Chicago brick bungalows. The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association supports owners who want to rehab their properties, and will be offering seminars on preservation, rehabilitation, energy efficiency, and financing from now through May to homeowners. In addition, a lot of new housing -- including gracious brick townhomes of the Lexington Square Development and other condos -- have come on the market in the last several years.

A few stats on Bridgeport home values from the Chicago Tribune:

  • Homes: $200,000 to over $2 million
  • Condos: $140,000 to $460,000
  • Townhomes: $400,00 to $600,000
  • Top agencies representing Bridgeport: @Properties, Coldwell Banker
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