Vampire Wars - Earn Lilith's Favor Now!

It's all about love in the world and the same can be said about Vampire Wars where there is a new event that challenges you to earn Lilith's Favor. You will have to hurry, though, since the event expires on the 18th of February and if you don't complete it, you lose the chance of getting some really cool Vampire Wars powers.

What do you have to do to earn Lilith's Favor? You have to bring her enough white lilies before the event expires and you can learn the new Kiss of Death, a new epic ability.

How to you bring lilies to Lilith? Well, you have to do jobs and select the lillies as rewards, ask them from your friends and check out their walls for lilies. There's enough time if you're active enough. Have fun and good luck in mastering Lilith's favor!

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